Why own a Touchstone Energy® HomeSM?

The Touchstone Energy Home Program promotes standards that exceed state and national energy-efficiency guidelines. As a result, homeowners are enjoying lower energy bills and many other benefits. These include homes that are:

  • More energy efficient
  • Less expensive to comfort condition
  • More environmentally friendly
  • More comfortable
  • Higher in resale value

Over time, building codes and common practices among builders and contractors made yesterday’s “energy-efficient” home today’s standard model. Your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative wants to reward its customers for exceeding the norm. In addition to the incentives offered by your local electric cooperative, completed and qualified homes receive a free Certified Energy Rating and a written guarantee of heating and cooling costs for their all-electric home. (The written guarantee for qualifying homes with dual-fuel heat pumps only applies to the cooling system.)

Browse through these pages to learn more about program standards or download the Official Building Standards here.