Wall Insulation (Grade 1)


All heated and cooled areas are insulated from unconditioned areas OSB corners and/or metal bracing are used in conjunction with foam sheathing to provide added comfort and stability.

Insulated Crawlspace

A minimum R-10 perimeter wall insulation and 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier over pea gravel features overlapping joints and 100% coverage.

Notice: Vents are omitted to avoid moisture buildup caused by the mixing of summer time warm, humid air with cool conditioned crawlspace air.

Attic Insulation (Minimum R-42)

If attic is not a living sp ace, the ceiling shall be insulated because it’s the barrier between the conditioned and the unconditioned space. Blown insulation, foam or fiberglass batts shall be used for attic insulation.

Floors Over Unheated Spaces

These floors feature a complete cavity insulation fill. Floors over conditioned crawlspace areas do not require floor insulation. Eliminating open air spaces reduces likelihood of moisture damage.

Conditioned Crawlspaces

Indiana Code now allows for unvented crawlspaces by making them “conditioned spaces.” No vents are required. A properly designed drainage plan draws water away from home.

Insulated Concrete Slabs

Vertical and horizontal R-10 insulation is put in place under the slab for the first two feet for added homeowner comfort.

A 6 mil vapor barrier between ground and slab is added to inhibit moisture build-up.

For a complete listing and description of the Touchstone Energy® HomeSM Official Building Standards, click here.